Indigo House History Dinners Oct-Nov-Dec schedule is up!

I look forward to welcoming you to Indigo House for this fall’s history dinners. Reservations are now open. 


  • Lynn Hart

    Hello. Our family would like to know of any dinner the week between Christmas and New Year’s. There could be as many as 9 of us but more likely 6.
    Thank you

  • Judy Farnam

    Leni, hello!!, I have a class scheduled for tomorrow for pressure canning. I have to cancel this as I have had a flu and ended up at the hospital last weekend. I just don’t trust this to be over with as I have had a horrible cough for 4 weeks which would be best to share. I so looked forward to this and hope there is another one I can sign up for the beginning of the year. I can see how busy your schedule is. Please let me know if your have received this I know there is lots of this bug going around and would not want you waiting for someone who never shows up. Thank you.
    Happy New Year and the best to you and your family.
    judy farnam.

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