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Through the Seasons: A Garden of Recipes from The Virginia House-Wife

Welcome to the first print collection of historic recipes from the kitchens of Mary Randolph, author of The Virginia House-Wife with commentary on my experience cooking these recipes through the gardening season.

Soft Cover 8.5×11 in – $25

Through the Seasons: A Baker’s Dozen of Breads and Sweets: Recipes from The Virginia House-Wife

When we read these recipes many of the ingredients called for are easily available to modern cooks; almonds, vanilla bean, sugar, raisins. In Mary Randolph’s locked storage rooms, storage barrels, and in her recurring orders at the General Merchandisers in Richmond most of those items had to be imported from the Caribbean, or Europe, through the ports in New York, Annapolis, Philadelphia, or Richmond. Imported sugar in large solid cones, whole spices of all kinds, lemons, oranges, almonds, raisins, candied fruits, chocolate, tea, brandies and wines were always on the shopping lists of the wealthy.

The Baker’s Dozen of goodies I have chosen represent a range of tasty recipes easily replicated in a modern kitchen. I’ve had such fun making them and sharing the results with family and friends.

Soft Cover 8.5×11 in – $25

The Gen-Xers, Millennials & Hipsters Guide: Basic Things to Know About Sharing A Kitchen with Housemates  – with Recipes

Maybe you just graduated from high-school and are planning on going out on your own, or are in college or are running in the rat race of your first job; whatever it might be; you don’t have much money and you are gonna be living with housemates. However you find your roomies (best friends, housing resources at the college, or meeting folks at work or play) I recommend that the group of you (be it two, three, four, or more) sit down together and seriously consider the following practical living observations.

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