Indigo House Farm Shares

Tamales – On vacation – orders will resume after October 2021 – Thank you.

I’m offering three kinds of tamales; chicken, black bean, and sweet corn. All tamales will be fully cooked and vacuum packed in ½ dozen packs. As soon as I have 20 doz ordered I will make them and announce for pick up .

They can be eaten fresh or put directly into the freezer for later. Ready to eat you can simply steam the tamales and serve to be eaten out of hand. Here at my house we often microwave a single frozen tamale; unwrap it from the husk, sizzle it crispy in a skillet with butter and serve with scrambled eggs and salsa.

Each vacuum pack contains 6 generous sized tamales

  • Chicken $14 (savory chicken cooked in a mild homemade chili sauce)
  • Black Bean $12 (home cooked with green chilies)
  • Sweet Corn $12 (creamy sweet corn with a hint of honey and chili)