Indigo House Farm Shares


Meat Birds – June 25, 2020

Jumbo Cornish Cross Rock meat birds. We have had nothing but delicious success with this variety of bird since we first raised them. They may start as tiny fuzzy chicks but soon begin getting bigger and bigger very quickly! That first time we were so amazed at the weight gain we had to bring one in the house to weigh it live!! So imagine our delight when a few weeks later 10 birds dressed out at an average of 6.5 lbs each. My experience with the Jumbo Crosses has been that they are a delicious eating bird with excellent white-yellowish skin, tender meat, large breasts, thighs and legs.

These birds are of a large bodied variety; minimum 4 lbs. and more often 5 or 6 lbs. They will come professionally butchered, chilled, bagged and weighed. Anticipated availability in 6 weeks (after 4 pm June 25). Pick up only: at my home in Western Albemarle County, west of C’ville, north of White Hall. 

Please forgive any glitch you may have using your cell phone to make your reservation at the website; for some reason we have not been able to correct the ‘add cart’ button only works on a laptop or tablet. Thank you for your patience. 

Deposit: $18 per bird with $4.50 per lb balance due upon delivery for additional weight over 4 lbs .

Pullets Ready-to-lay Feb 2021

Since the last time I offered them folks have asked me if I had any more pullets ready to lay. I want to but the hatcheries are working as fast as they can with their staffs under the same difficulties we are all facing. So for me to have birds ready for the end of Feb 2021 the chicks will need to be ordered well ahead of time for delivery in mid- Sept! Meaning I need to order in the next few days! 

Along with offering pullets I intend offering what I call the Chicken Family  – one rooster and three hens – as a group. If you are interested in reserving one or more pullets ready to lay or a Chicken Family now’s the time to contact me. I need to have some idea of how many birds to order. Please contact me at ASAP.

I am ordering Silver Laced Wyandottes as they are a good sized bird that lays brown eggs and has a good disposition. 

Started Pullets will be $25 each. 
A Chicken Family (one rooster, three started pullets) will be $95