It’s been a fantastic summer season of history dinners and canning classes. Thank all of you who came to learn food history at my dining table. I have just listed the Fall/Winter dinners at my website where you can see the history themes and make reservations.

And for those of you who are ready to move up to pressure canning there are three classes to choose from this fall.

Go to for all information and registration.


  • LYNDA Tredway

    Six colleagues are coming to Charlottesville for a retreat on October 18 and 19. We would like to know if it is possible to come to you for dinner on one of those nights. We have all viewed the series and then I read yesterday about your dinners in the NYT!
    We are all vaccinated. If this is not possible, we totally understand, but would very much like to have a dinner with and by you!

  • Leni Ashmore Sorensen

    With all the exciting things happening I’ve had to close reservations for dinners till after Feb 2022. Indigo House events will get rescheduled. I hope you will continue to visit the website in the meantime; if you sign up for the monthly e-newsletter you can keep up with me. Thanks,

  • Jerrie Hussey

    Please add my information to your newsletter listing events, dinners, classes you are offering in 2022!

  • Rosetta

    I am also interested in attending your historical dinners and canning classes in 2022, and have signed up for your newsletter.
    I live in California but willing to travel to Virginia to attend thses important events. Thank you!

  • Leni Ashmore Sorensen

    Hi Lynda, What a winter – I got sick and had to make a lot of cancellations! It’s been a long, hard winter! BUT the new dinner schedule is up for summer/fall 2022 and you can see them at the website. Thank you for your kind words and interest in Indigo House. I’m sorry to have taken so long getting back to you. Regards, Leni

  • Darlene Sears


    I want to confirm you received my payment for March 30th 2024 for 2 people for your pressure canning class?

    I didn’t receive any confirmation show receipt or asking for my information. Can you please confirm.


    Darlene Sears

  • Leni Ashmore Sorensen

    yes, and have sent you the directions to Indigo House after our phone conversation,
    Thank you ,

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