Farmstead Dinner Menus: Join me, there is still room at the table


June 5 / June 6      The Global Dining Table; A Dish of Curry with Rice in Mary Randolph’s 1810 Richmond

The ingredients in the recipes for tonight’s dinner tells the story of voyages to Africa, the Spice Islands of SE Asia, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, even China. In Randolph’s kitchen the cooks used exotic foodstuffs for the Curry Chicken and as well as foods grown locally on Virginia plantations. 

Menu: Ochra Soup; Tarragon Salad, Caveach of Fish; Dish of Curry Chicken w/ Rice, Honeyed Carrot & Parsnip; Pound Cake with Peach Sauce and Whipped Cream/or Apple Compote (A gluten-free meal)

June 18 / June 19         3 Centuries of Southern Women Chefs

Our dinner will introduce you to women in a 1770s kitchen and to the cooks in Mary Randolph’s 1810 Richmond kitchen and their savory main course of Roasted Pork. Melinda Russell wrote a cookbook to document her Civil War era culinary career while in San Francisco Abby fisher won prizes for her sauces; part of our meal comes from their recipes. Our meal closes with a recipe by Chef Edna Lewis whose 1976 cookbook helped launch the farm to food movement. Our 4 course meal will satisfy your appetite and your curiosity.

Menu: Harriet Horry 1770 Tomato Soup; Mary Randolph 1824 Tarragon Salad; Melinda Russell 1866 Fricassee Catfish; Mary Randolph 1824 Roast Pork, Carolina Gold Rice, Broccoli, w/ Indigo House Applesauce, Abby Fisher 1905 Game Sauce; Edna Lewis 1976 Bread Pudding w/ Whipped Cream

June 25 / June 26     Dining with the Aztecs

Our meal takes us on an excursion of the market places of pre-Columbian Mexico which were wonders to behold. There were turkeys and vast heaps of multi-colored dried and fresh chilies. Market sellers offered tomatoes and dry beans in striking colors cooked in beautifully painted clay pots. Maize of all shapes and colors was made into masa, tortillas, and tamales. We finish our meal with the most iconic of Aztec food – CHOCOLATE

Menu: Jicama Salad w/ Lime; Turkey Mole, Pinto Beans; Sweet-corn Tamales, Fresh Tortillas & Fresh Salsa & Jalapenos en Escabeche; HOT CHOCOLATE (A gluten-free meal)

Please go to INDIGO HOUSE FARMSTEAD DINNERS ON THE PORCH for the summer and fall menus and dates. 



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