The Big Sort at Indigo House

This picture is emblematic of my present organizational state and my goal; to set right what I can in my home and family surroundings and let the wider morass of trouble take care of itself over this winter. 

So over the next many weeks on those days when it is too cold, stormy, rainy or snowy to do outside work my pantries, cupboards, drawers, bookshelves, closets, freezers, boxes, and the attic are all gonna get a once over. I’m not going any where any way.  Well. I do mask up to hit the grocery store, the feed store and the landfill. BTW, I love the landfill and the employees there who have become friends – shout out to Jim, Sharrod, Katie, Ellen.  But there is certainly lots of home time so I might as well rev up the music or a podcast good and loud and  delve deep into what to keep, what to pass along to takers, what to ditch, and most important to me, how to best store and easily access all my stuff. I have the feeling I’m joining a large club of ‘organizers’ out there in the world; YouTube is incredible for sorting and storage ideas. And because I define Home Provisioning as ‘having what you need when you need it’ then it’s past time for me to be able to ‘find what I want when I want it!’ Wish me luck!  

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  • Jenny

    hi 🙂
    I would so very much love to take your canning class and i tried to register but i could not.
    might you help me?
    thank you

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