Chicks and Ducks Better Scurry

When I take you out in my surry!! (Counldn’t resist) These guys are far too young to scurry! And we don’t have any geese.) But they are soooooo sweet!  They arrive in a box all the way from Iowa – the post office calls in the early morning to say they are ready for pick up.  Then it’s peep, peep, peep all the way home to put them under a heat lamp with water and baby bird feed.


  • jim

    Dammit, Leni, last week I was reading some novel where there was a passing reference to “Oklahoma” and I had “Surry With The Fringe On Top” stuck in my head for several days. I had finally gotten rid of it (by focusing on the lyrics to “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polka Dot Bikini” – talk about the cure being worse than the disease!) and now it’s back!

    So what breeds of birds did you get? Ideal Poultry here in Texas is one of my favorite “wish book” web sites – just an incredible selection of common and rare breeds. Wonderful World of Poultry tidbit – I’ve read that several townships in upstate New York where Lyme disease is a major health problem have introduced flocks of free-roaming guineas because ticks are their favorite food. Further proof, as if we needed it, that the municipal government of Houston Texas has the collective intellegence of… well, I was going to say an eggplant but that would insult one of my favorite vegetables… the three animals that are strictly forbided inside the city limits are goats and pigs (because of the smell) and guineas because of the noise. Makes me want to send of to Ideal for a staight run of a hundred or so day-old guineas and turn them loose. Unfortunately, guineas are too intelligent to run for office; compared to what we’ve got (speaking of critters that should be outlawed because of their annoying noise) I think some poultry on City Council (if not in the State Legislature) would be a considerable improvement.

  • Leni the cook

    WE GOT A STRAIGHT RUN OF 50 CORNISH X Rocks. They do well on non-medicated feed, enjoy being on the grass during the day and dress out at 8-10 weeks between 5-7 lbs!! So 50 in the freezer will take us through to next spring. The 10 ducks are Pekin – docile, good sized, and easy to butcher and dress out. I love the idea of Guineas but we live right on the road so can’t let birds run completely free. I love there raucous calls – just a notch down from the peacock yell!

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