Late Spring Blooming

This morning the air was thick with the fragrance of the blooming world around our house; Privet, honeysuckle, musk rose, greenbriar, not to mention the ordinary roses in my yard!  Damn near makes one swoon.


  • jim

    Leni –

    Another must-grow wherever I garden is one or several of the citrus-scented basils. There’s several versions of the lemon-scented as well as an orange I’ve never tried; my favorite is the lime-scented from Johnny’s. (No, I don’t work for them – I just plug them a lot because they’ve been a main source of seed for me for many years.) Anyway, these are all small-leafed basils that bolt almost immediately to very fragrant long blooms. If you broadcast-sow a 3′ x5′ patch of loose, rich, warm soil it will result in a very fragrant drift that will probably re-seed for several seasons. The flowers make a great “green popouri” in bowls around the house and the leaves are great with fish and chicken. Major bee attractor as well.

  • Leni the cook

    Yeah!!! re Johnny’s seeds! We started buying from them when they first went into business when we were on the farm in South Dakota – I’ve always been pleased with them. The first Edomame Bean I ever grew was from them back in the early 80’s. What a great discovery! Much better than fresh limas in my opinion.
    This year I ordered the lemon-basil and it’s up and out in the ground. I also planted Purple Ruffles which has an irregular purple spotted affect. For years I grew the small leafed globe basil cause it went in the front of a border particularly well. There are so many basil’s to choose from but I alway have Mammoth and Genovese.

  • jim

    I haven’t grown Genovese in a few years – a lot of my focus is on market gardening so I stick with Mammoth because I can havest so much more in the same time. For a really fun purple accent in the summer garden the cinnamon-scented basil is a nice touch, plus it is really tasty in keftadiatas or whatever you call those little lamb-ball Greek appetizer things. We’re also having good luck (as always) this year with the Bennarie’s Giant zinnias from Johnny’s – I’ve got seven or eight patchs of it going at different places around the garden and in friends’ yards. Plus there was an old tire someone left in the garden, so I filled it with soil and planted zinnias so I could tell the visitors and tourists “Well, in my part of the South a tire planter says “We’re not just trash – we’re TRAILER trash!”

    Another fun one from Johnny’s – especially if you know any teachers – are the new “herb discs.” They came with these a few years ago – basically they look like a paper CD or DVD, but the paper has been coated with carefully spaced herb seeds. They’ve got small-leaf basil, cilantro, arugula, chives, some other stuff – it’s about $12 for six assorted discs with a half-dozen 6″ tan plastic pots and saucers. Just fill the pots with soil, lay down the seed disc, and water. Great cheap project for grade-school kids or anyone whose “garden” is a window sill.

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