The Big Sort at Indigo House #2


With the help of my son I decided to tackle the pantry first on my organizational to-do list. I’ve used a hall closet as a proto-pantry for several years. It stays relatively cool all year and thus the requirements for good food storage are met; cool, dark, dry. However even after removing the hanging clothes that took up part of the space it was still a rough and tumble stack of who knew what! All the closet fixtures had to be removed and that is where my son came in. I cleared the entire space of foodstuffs and he cleared it of most of the dilapidated shelving.  The new larger shelf unit fit perfectly in the opening and with five deep shelves I’ve been able to put things in an orderly manner. 

There will be further tweaking as time goes buy but as for now all the pasta and dry beans are in marked jars and containers, the canned goods and condiments can be seen, and the potatoes, Elephant garlic, and onions in their wire and plastic baskets are on the floor. On the left are the shelves with bags of rice (Basmati, Jasmine, Brown, and California short grained white), 25 lb bags of sugar, 50 lb of flour, and a huge 50 lb bag of rolled oats (Do not ask, please! All I can say is that at one point this past summer I thought I was going into the granola business). 

My home canned food jars have their own set of cupboards and as of this writing are pretty much neat. Whew! Cause the next task will the long book shelf in the living room. 

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