Leni’s Hummus


Specially for Chris – here’s my recipe for basic hummus. It’s more a guide than strict amounts but that’s how I most often cook. I see at the store that one can buy ready-made hummus with lots of different favors in it – you can add any you like!


Canned or Dry Garbanzo beans

Lemon Juice


Sesame Tahini (Joya is a common brand.  It comes in cans and when opened needs to be mixed very well before use and then refrigerated where it will last a really long time!)


Olive oil

If canned Garbanzo: drain and rinse beans in cool water.

If dry Garbanzo: soak beans overnight, simmer till tender.  Drain.  (I use the slow cooker cause it seems to keep the beans whole better than boiling in a pot.)  Use as many of the cooked garbanzos as you want for the hummus and the rest will freeze nicely in small containers for salad toppings.

Using a food processor (or potato masher) puree the garbanzos.  Add Tahini, mashed garlic, and lemon juice to taste and a generous glug of olive oil. Correct salt.  I use about ¾ garbanzos to about ¼ Tahini, a lot of garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice to make the texture smooth yet thick. For me what I love about hummus is the grainy mouthfeel and the flavor deeply garlicky, salty, and bright with lemon.

It will keep in the fridge for a week or so and freezes well.

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  • Linda

    I never knew you could freeze hummus!!!

    Duh, I can garbanzos JUST for hummus, and rarely make it, cuz I have to go through the whole batch! Now, I can make a batch and share it!!!

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