Ok, Kids, It’s Time to Roast Garlic!

Of course the house smells a bit but in one fell swoop you can have the entire winter’s worth of roasted garlic in your fridge with just one afternoon of work. I buy several sleeves of fall harvest garlic (it’s the best price all year).  Most of the recipes I’ve seen are for one or two heads but I don’;t have that kind of time – I want a winter’s supply right now.

The cut garlic cloves have been well drizzled with olive oil, covered with foil and roasted for two hours at 375.    Let the garlics cool till just warm and using gloves squeeze each garlic head over a jar to release the pulp.

When all the garlic pulp is in the jars top the jars with olive oil to cover.

Seal, label, and store in the fridge.  I spoon out the garlic from the side of the jar and do my best to cover the remaining garlic with olive – sometimes you need to add more oil.  And the oil is fabulous for all sorts of cookery too.

This wonderful product is deeevine smeared on pizza dough, hot bread, in soups, on roasting meat, or even by the spoonful!  Well, I’m sorta kidding about the spoonful but it gets awfully close !

My roasted garlic stash sees me through till the new crop of Elephant Garlic is ready to begin digging in early summer.  We/I love garlic!

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