2nd Wednesdays – Summer 2010

Munch, Dig, Laugh!!!  The summer weather was hot and the stink buds a drag BUT I had 2nd Wednesdays to look forward to – a gathering of friends old and new to talk food and gardening on my front porch once a month.  Thanks to  all of you who came to share and laugh: Ramona, Becky, Winter, Anna, Jenee, Gail, Christine, the 2 Elizabeths, Jamie, Ron, Edie, Randolph, Boo, Til, and Kierk .  Thank you for your lovely appetizer treats to accompany the baguettes and cream cheeses and wine.  We talked cookbooks new and old, how to grow peppers, family recipes, feeding kids, CSAs, restaurants, food history.  We begin again next  May and the memories of this summer will cheer my winter nights!


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