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  • jim

    Great profile in VA Living! Yeah Kendra – makes me want to run down to Warren’s for a sidecar! Funny how many of us organic/ sustainablity activists are Farm Crisis refugees – I got out of the Navy in early ’81, just in time for American Farm Movement tractorcades. Fascinated by the music stuff – I was a teenage folkie before Johnny Winter and an old Leadbelly LP turned me into a blues nerd. Anyway, some questions:
    Are there any CDs by The Womenfolk out there? If not, you should talk to Arhoolie.
    Was the “Little Boxes” you had a hit with the Malvina Reynolds song?
    When you were doing the leftie-folkie thing, did you ever run into Barbara Dane?
    Did you know that there is not a single YouTube video of “Bury Me In My Overalls” (speaking of Malvina songs recorded by Barbara for Arhoolie)? That is such a great song, can’t figure out why it fell through the cracks.

    Wow, what a fun article. Thanks, Leni and Kendra.

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