I’m seriously thinking about raising another milk cow.
pros: they live for 15-20 years; they love you and give you milk and a new calf once a year; they produce lots and lots of manure for the garden; in the winter when you milk a cow her flank is warm and wonderful to lean your cheek against; milking gives one incredibly strong wrists, hands and forearms; Guernseys and Jersey’s have beautiful eyes and rough warm tongues; you get 2-5 gallons of milk a day to share and play with; cows come when you call.  
cons: cows (even a small breed) produces lots and lots of manure; they have to be milked twice a day for at least nine months a year; 2-5 gallons of milk a day (yes, every day!) is a challenge to find a use for; finding a large animal vetranarian  who has access to AI (artificial insimination) to bred the cow regularly might be difficult;  there has to be a barn/milking shed; there are NO vacations unless you train someone to step in to milk when you need a day off; when a 700-900 pound animal steps on your foot you know it. 
Someone talk me down.  


  • Anonymous

    Perhaps you could find a cow-partner. Someone who would be interested in investing in the animal (initial purchase, barn/shed construction, and sharing alternate milking days/weeks, etc. in exchange for a delightful relationship, pride in animal husbandry and fresh milk. I think I recommend a written agreement.

    Wish we lived closer!!!


  • Anonymous


    Of course Brynn would offer such a sane solution!! What a cool idea though–raising a cow–but what do you do with all that poo and milk!

    At this stage of life, I would be more concerned of having the cow back home keeping me away from a great adventure with friends and loved ones. At least with chickens and pigs, they can fend for themselves.

    Good luck and thanks for sharing the great blog musings.

    Christy C

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