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I cook, I teach, I garden, I feed animals. I write, I research, I lecture, I demonstrate. My passion is emphatically about food; food in early America, food in contemporary America, food among the urban poor, food from small sustainable farms, food cooked by novices, food cooked by chefs.

Leni Sorensen PHD serving soup in her kitchen at Indigo House


Join me in my kitchen to learn farm-house skills; baking, canning, and garden to plate cookery.

Indigo House History Dinners

History Dinners

The menu for my dinners are selected from the The Virginia House-wife (1824) and other classic historic cookbooks. Each four-course meal is for 6 to 8 people – a perfect sized group for good food, good talk, and ‘bites’ of history. 

The View form Indigo House

The View From Indigo House

Looking at the world from my small rural acres in the Blue Ridge