I Want to Support Indigo House

When the times get tough on the old homestead it’s time for Indigo House.

My website is now the primary way I have to talk to, and share with, all the wonderful folks who have liked me, followed me, contacted me, and signed up for the free monthly email recipe newsletter. When you click to follow me at my Indigo House Facebook page and support me online at Indigo House.us the numbers add up and those numbers have an impact on financial supporters.

Support means videos from my kitchen, my garden and my barn, support means face to face talks about food and history and food in our lives today. And Grandmotherly talks on what the hell is going on!

For more about why I’m doing this, please read this post. If you have any questions, please check the subscription FAQ or you may contact me.


$35 a year

Yours is the bedrock of my support. You will have access to selected videos of my classes and the monthly email recipe newsletter. 


$60 a year

Ongoing projects will be possible because of your support at this level. All my videos will be available and Q&A online sessions several times a year plus the monthly email recipe newsletter.


$100 a year

On any farmstead there needs to be a Special Projects Bucket and that’s what this generous level supporter helps to maintain. Along with the videos and the online sessions you will get discounts on Indigo House books and merchandise.