Dinner - home grown - home made

My home-grown home-made dinner at Indigo House

My son and did a bit of pruning and gardening prep in the bright but chilly  afternoon. When we moved the cold frame windows there were several brilliant green Pac Choi ready for harvest.  

So to go with my greens I went ‘shopping’ in my pantry and my freezer. First was a pack of our home grown pork cubes, and then a jar of my home canned Cannellini beans, and a large clove of the Elephant garlic from its pantry storage bag.  As I checked the fridge for a stalk of celery I found a half pint of chicken stock and the last of some very spicy pizza sauce to add some tomatoey zing to my impromptu stew. 

It is good to have the grocery store right in my house! (Oh, and the first purple crocus bloomed today!)  


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