Summer 1795: A James Hemings Dinner

“Summer 1795: A James Hemings Dinner”

On Saturday, June 22, 2019 I will be celebrating the early summer 224 years ago when Chef James Hemings cooked at Monticello. Archaeologists have recently uncovered the original hearth and stew stoves on which Hemings taught his brother Peter the art of French cookery. Together the young men served delicious meals everyday.

Our 4-course menu here at Indigo House reflects the bounty of the gardens and farm foods available to James and Peter at Monticello and Albemarle County in the summer of 1795. We begin with a creamy soup of Cymlin squash followed by a salad dressed in Jefferson’s favorite Tarragon dressing with a side of fish prepared Escovitch-style. Following the dining tradition of the time there will be two meats; Roast Lamb and a favorite Virginia dish, Chicken Pudding, with seasonal vegetables. Dessert will be Pound Cake and Peaches.

I will offer coffee and tea; Diners will bring their wine or beer.

6 min -8 max diners                $78 per person                        

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