What to do with what you have Pie

“What to do with what you have” Pie

My current binge watch is The Great British Baking Show beginning all the way back with season one. Drooling over all those desserts inspired me to make a pie I’m calling “What to do with what you have” Pie. In the freezer I found a bowl of frozen Mary Randolph Apple Compote, some commercial pie crusts that needed to be used up, and the next to last package of my homemade almond paste.

Review of the final product: Crunchy exterior, tender inside, still very sweet because the compote is very sweet. I do wish I had a whole table of diners to share it with so we could all have thin slices with no left overs!

However all of this is to say, that when you get an urge to hit the kitchen without a clear goal – go check the freezer and the pantry to see what you have and riff-on from there. “What to do with what you have” could as easily be a stew or a soup or a casserole or, as in my case, a pie!

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