Finding a good solution to my stacks of old magazines

IMAGINE A PICTURE HERE of too many stacks of magazines on very crowded bookshelves! You really don’t want to see it!

Those who know me well know I’ve been a magazine hoarder for many years; especially magazines about food or gardening. So during my current “I gotta get rid of some of this crap” purge I have been faced with a particularly cool collection that I need to let go. It’s my 1999-2013 collection of Taunton Press Fine Gardening! No, they aren’t worth selling and I don’t want them to end up at the landfill. As Frank Zappa said “I had a flash in the afternoon’ with a great idea and found my mags a good home.

I figured some little kids might have fun cutting out all the beautiful pictures of gardens, plants, and flowers to paste on things or whatever art they might be inspired to do. And the very kids are those elementary kids involved in the City Schoolyard Garden Program in Charlottesville, VA, practically right in my own backyard. You can visit them here to see all the wonderful activities they do with students in eight school gardens:

When offering to give away old magazines I am pretty much used to hearing a reluctant “well, it’s a nice idea but . . . . “ But the ‘but’ in this case was instead an enthusiastic yes and in a couple of days I’m gonna be taking them out of my house and know they are going to be enjoyed by kids learning to love gardening the way I do after 65 years of digging in the ground. A win win all around!

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