No fresh eggs

After many years of always having our own eggs, this winter the old hens ran out of laying power before the young pullets kicked in. So we have had to buy store eggs for the first time on over a decade. I am very disappointed in the quality. I didn’t buy the most expensive, they were asking over $4.50 per dozen, but I didn’t go for the cheapest either. I went for the brown shelled variety labeled large. Sigh. I’d forgotten how old eggs can be when still being sold in the market.  The whites are so watery compared to the home grown, and the shells are very thin and fragile. I’m glad I only bought two dozen.

The rest of the winter, or at least till the younger hens kick in, I’m gonna have to devise meals that do not include eggs. An interesting challenge.

Update!! When I got to the hen house there was an egg in the nest!! Just one! Not a pullet egg so on this bright and shiny day it seems one of our older ladies took her ‘severance’ notice seriously.

hen severance

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