Cooking Ahead on a Wet Spring Day


What does a food obsessed woman who lives out in the country do on a wet, chilly, rainy, spring weekend day? Why she cooks, of course!

It’s 10-ish o’clock in the morning and I have three make ahead meal projects bubbling away in my kitchen; Pinto, Red and Kidney beans with a ham bone (in the 6 qt slow cooker), garbanzos for hummus, and a triple batch of stuffed cabbage rolls.


beans and ham bone hummus

Most of the finished beans and cabbage rolls will go in the freezer – in meal sized portions for later this spring when the garden keeps me outside all day and we still need a savory supper. The hummus freezes well and is perfect for dipping fresh veggies and a bit of bread for a quick lunch on a busy hot planting day.

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