In which with the help of family we build a hoop house

This is what we did last Sunday.  It seemed to be the first real day of Spring, bright, warm, and lovely.  Kierk, Bjorn and Zoe were the crew while Kip was the foreman and I was the cheering squad. Oh, and I fed them all a breakfast of French toast, homemade sausage patties, bacon, coffee!

Here’s Kip and Kierk are attaching the back panel to the hog wire frame that Kip built last year.

We  were lucky that there was only a breath of breeze cause we could have wind sailed to Greene County if it had been blustery!

Here it is all covered and Kip and Kierk are on this side of the building fastening things down while Bjorn and Zoe ware filling in the edges around the back.

We used additional hog panels on the outside to give even more rigidity and more places to tie down.  You truly do not want a building like this to take off in a summer t-storm!

Pretty much done on part 1 – today Kip is working on building the door which will have a glass window that lowers for a screened opening.  Then we have to get the fan to insert into the far wall for ventilation.  Without ventilation and even with no door in the opening it was 120 degrees inside at 2 pm today!

Here we are inside checking it all out!!  It was a fabulous long productive day! By next week I should be seeding cucumber, and transplanting some of my pepper and  eggplant seedlings inside!!  Hurrah!

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