The 50 new Buff Orpington chicks arrived this morning from the hatchery!

I love the arrival of the new chicks.  We get the early morning call from our local post office “we have a box of chicks for you!”

How chicks (and all poultry) are shipped

I check that the brooder space is ready; feeders full, waterer full, heat up to the 90s.  When they get home the first thing to do is to take each little puff ball of a chick and dip its beak in the water and the feeder to show them where to go and release under the lamp.

a drink of water after a long journey

Some peeps are smarter than others and immediately begin drinking, eating and skittering around.  they become the leaders for the slower guys – one can see the pecking order began to form even at such an early age.

chicks settle in under the heat lamp

But the peeps are tired and often within minutes of drinking and eating they fall asleep on their feet!



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