Finally some sun as I drive across the South

All the rain has played hell on the crops here in the south.  This picture is of a sodden cotton field unable to be harvested.    I also passed soybean fields still with rows full of wet, and in some cases now moldy, plants.  In addition to wiping out field crops the rain has been very hard on the US farm raised catfish industry here in the Delta.  If you enjoy catfish please be willing to pay the small bit more you might have to pay for US produced as the farmers recover.  Ok, special plea is over, but I only eat and enjoy catfish and have no monitary interest!!  
Today I’m off to Pine Bluff, Arkansas; through the Delta at Clarksdale, cross the Mississippi River at Helena.  Today my driving sound track will be Bessie Smith, especially her Backwater Blues, and Robert Johnson.  I might even stop for a lunch of crayfish or maybe fried oysters!

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